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Wei Shi

nice blog, Jade, this is a great review of the oilstone box, and it reminds me about that boring boring chiseling~~~


Jade, A good reflection on the machine process you should have taken. Dock to length first then buzz flat.The oilstones do all vary in size, I agree, perhaps I need to amend the plans so that this is mentioned as a note?If you take a photo of a new tool, then you can adjust your blog as your understand of this tool expands.That bansaw cut works fine for the task of cutting curves. Yourfree hand cutting skills are very good.Vaughn has covered working out costing the job. Did you work through the whole process? If so then can you tell me the final cost of the oilstone box?


christopher lovegrove

How is it?
Check your spelling of a Spokeshave, I think you might call it a spot shaver, the correct name is spokeshave. Can you have a look at the theory CD and check this out?


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