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Wei Shi

Hi, Jade, your work is as detailed as usual, I really like your style. Great blog


Thanks Wei, you're always ahead of us, AutoCAD, Rhino and Solid Works thing. I think this blog thing is quite useful, it's like reinforcing memory thing. ^^;;

But the only problem is the time. It takes quite a time to recall all those we learned from the class and to draw AutoCad. Guess practice is the only way..

See u tomorrwo.

Wei Shi

I agree with you, Jade. Despite that writing the blog is not a easy task, I think it is still worth it. As a review of our study process and, just as you said, 'reinforce memory'. That is why I like your blog, with details you described, it helps me go through what we have studied. Cheers

christopher lovegrove

How is it?
This is the best blog I have seen you post yet! Excellent work Jade.
This blog shows that you have an indepth understanding of lofting.
As you have to choose the correct batten for lofting, to get a fair curved line, so you should a the correct battern in a sail.
I hope you get around to finishing the buttock lines in profile.
How do you know there starting point in profile?


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